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By William F. Romain and Jarrod Burks

Originally published on -line by the Ohio Archaeological
Council , 2008
accessed April 4 , 2016

Jarrod Burks Ph.D. is a professional archaeologist who works for Ohio Valley Archaeology, Inc., a private archaeology firm in Columbus, Ohio that does traditional NHPA/Section 106 archaeology and a wide range of archaeological geophysics surveys. Jarrod received his PhD and MA degrees in anthropology (archaeology) from The Ohio State University and his BA degree in anthropology from the University of Illinois at Urbana/Champaign. One of his great passions is relocating ancient earthwork sites through geophysical survey.  To that end he has surveyed several dozen of these earthwork sites in Ohio, making numerous unique discoveries, including finding previously unknown sites.  Jarrod is the president and a founder of the Heartland Earthworks Conservancy (, and the treasurer of the Midwest Archaeological Conference. 

William F. Romain, Ph.D. (University of Leicester, 2004) is an archaeologist specializing in archaeoastronomy and ancient religions. He is a Research Associate with the Indiana University, Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, The Explorers Club, and licensed private pilot. Bill is the author of three books about prehistoric Native American religion, and dozens of published articles. He has conducted archaeoastronomic fieldwork in the United States, China, Inner Mongolia, Tibet, Burma, and Cambodia.

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