The Hopewell airburst event, 1699–1567 years ago (252–383 CE)

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BY Kenneth Barnett Tankersley1,2,5*, Stephen D. Meyers2,5, StephanieA. Meyers3,5, JamesA. Jordan4,5, Louis Herzner1,5, David L. Lentz3,5 & Dylan Zedaker1,5

Originally published 2022, scientific reports

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Professional Summary

Ken specializes in Archaeological Geology, Quaternary Science, Catastrophic Volcanic and Cosmic Impact Events, and Contemporary Native Americans.


B.S. : University of Cincinnati Cincinnati, Ohio, 1978 (Education (Geology))

M.A.: University of Cincinnati Cincinnati, Ohio, 1982 (Anthropology)

Ph.D.: Indiana University Bloomington, Indiana, 1989 (Anthropology)

Post-Doctorate: Illinois State Museum Springfield, Illinois, 1993 (Quaternary Research Program)

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