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100 BCE-400 CE

Formation of the Earthworks

The Earthworks were built likely in the Middle woodland period sometime between 100 BCE and 400 CE.

100 BCE-400 CE


Cincinnati was founded

Cincinnati was founded December 1788 and the Earthworks began to be explored as a curiosity leading to reduction in size and destruction.


Cincinnati Mound truncation

General Wayne had his army cut off the summit of the Mound closest to Fort Washington and the town in order to erect a sentry-box on top of it.  After the top was removed the mound was 35' tall. This mound can be seen in the 1800 painting of Cincinnati as the large mound to the left of the town. The Cincinnati Tablet (Squier and Davis P275 see below) was found in one of these mounds.



Daniel Drake

1815 Daniel Drake's book gives a detailed discription and drawing of what was still left of the Cincinnati Earthworks after the exploring and digging of the earthworks by curious settlers and visitors of Cincinnati.


1819 Map



Charles Whittlesely recreates a drawing of Cincinnati Earthworks for Smithsonian Contributions of Knowledge volume 3.

Squier & Davis Cincinnati Tablet

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Squier & Davis

Daniel Drake 1815

Natural and Statistical View; Or Picture of Cincinnati and the Miami Country