Fort Ancient

One of the best-preserved Earthworks in North America is Fort Ancient. The Earthwork is Located in Oregonia Ohio about 35 miles North East of Cincinnati and 35 miles South East of Dayton. This earthwork is a Hilltop Enclosure site that takes most of its form from the contours of terrain it is located on.

Fort Ancient GIS (33WA2)

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Excavations and Surveys


Surveyed by Prof. John Lock

Squier & Davis Published Lock's Survey in Ancient Monuments Of The Mississippi Valley in 1848



Warren King Moorehead

Conducted Surface finds as well as Embankment Wall and mound excavations. He published a book in 1890 entitled Fort Ancient (Click for Book).


Dr. Robert Connolly, Lauren Sieg

University Of Cincinnati
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Squier & Davis (Map by Prof. John Lock Surveyor 1843)

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Squier & Davis

Warren K Moorehead Fort Ancient 1890

Book on Moorehead's Excavations of Fort Ancient

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1995 Excavation

The University Of Cincinnati was selected to perform an excavation of Fort Ancient in 1995. This Excavation was headed By Dr. Robert Connolly and Lauren Sieg and performed by Archeology students. The Excavation was of the Embankment wall on the South side of the road where utility pipes were being run to the new Museum as well as the foot print where the new Museums fondation was going to be. These are behind the scenes photos my Father took as he visited us one day for you see I am the one wearing the Marvin the Martian hat.